Welcome to Safety 2

Safety (formerly PyUp.io) provides end-to-end supply chain security for Python. This space includes documentation for Safety v2 users.

2023 Rebrand from PyUp to Safety Cybersecurity

Existing Customers: Upgrade to Safety 3.0

Safety 3.0 is now available, providing system-wide scanning, unpinned package support, new SBOM and JSON output formats, and more.

To join the beta for the Safety 3.0 release, please complete this form.

About Safety 2 / PyUp

Safety Cybersecurity (née PyUp) is a Python Supply Chain Security company. We help keep thousands of Python developer teams and codebases around the world secure using our industry-leading Python Dependency Vulnerability Database and our security scanning and analysis tools. To learn more, head over to our website.

Get started

Dive right in, and run your first security scan using the Safety CLI command-line tool.

Then, check out our Getting Started guide to start implementing security scans into your development and production systems.

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