Scanning Development Environments with Git Post-Commit Hook

Scanning your development environments

It's a best practice run your security scans as soon as possible in the development life-cycle - this is called shift left security.
Running PyUp security scans in your development environments is as simple as adding Safety's CLI scan to your git pre-commit hook files. This is a file that is executed before a git commit is run, and a failing command in this process will halt the commit itself, and warn the developer of the issue.

Adding Safety CLI to your git pre-commit hooks

To add Safety scans to your git pre-commit hooks, first find your git pre-commit hook file, located at .git/hooks/pre-commit.
If you haven't already set up a pre-commit hook it may still be named pre-commit.sample. In that case, rename it to pre-commit and that file will start running before your git commits.
Once you've got the file ready, add the following to the bottom of the file:
# Add Safety check
exec safety check --key <your_api_key>
And that's it. Now Safety will scan your development machine before any code is pushed to central source control systems.