Installation & Quick Start - Safety 2

Existing Customers: Upgrade to Safety 3.0

Safety 3.0 is now available, providing system-wide scanning, unpinned package support, new SBOM and JSON output formats, and more.

To join the beta for the Safety 3.0 release, please complete this form.

Safety 2 is the previous iteration of our industry-leading Python dependency scanner. Safety is the best way to check your Python dependencies for security vulnerabilities and other compliance risks. It's our swiss-army knife tool that can be used in a variety of ways and situations, from securing developer machines, to build pipelines and production systems.


Safety is available for download from PyPi. You can install Safety CLI directly from PyPi using the following pip command:

pip install safety

Getting started

Once install, you can run a vulnerability scan on your Python dependencies in your current environment.

safety check --key <YOUR-API-KEY>

Or scan the dependencies in a particular requirements file:

safety check -r requirements.txt --key <YOUR-API-KEY>

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