2023 Rebrand from PyUp to Safety Cybersecurity

Over the past five years, millions of teams have secured their open source Python projects thanks to PyUp’s industry-leading vulnerability database and Safety CLI scanner.

As Safety Cybersecurity, we will be expanding these capabilities by focusing on reducing vulnerability noise, securing your systems end-to-end, and applying the same industry-leading data analysis and features to the Javascript, Java, .NET, Go, Rust, C and Ruby ecosystems.

What does this mean for existing customers?

1. Invoices, contracts, and other formal documentation, including Terms of Service, will now be issued from Safety CLI Cybersecurity, Inc.

2. There are no changes to ownership structure.

3. Our public website will transition from https://pyup.io to https://safetycli.com.

4. All existing features will continue to work as they do today. Register here for early access to Safety CLI 3.0 and Safety Platform.

Read about our rebrand from PyUp to Safety Cybersecurity, improvements to the Safety CLI vulnerability scanner, and more here.

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