License Scanning

Safety provides a clear overview of the licenses used across all your dependencies.

Common Commands

To display the licenses in use, run the followng command instead of the usual "safety check" command used to perform vulnerability scans.

// safety license

You can run the following command to get help and a full list of available options.

// safety license --help

License checks require an API key, which you can include either using the "--key" argument or by setting an environment variable using the following command:


Running safety license will scan the current Python environment for all installed dependencies and report on their licenses.

Running safety license -r requirements.txt will report on the packages in the named requirements file.

Output Options

The default output option is to the screen.

If you wish to ingest or analyze the resulting license report data you can generate a JSON file from the report by adding the --output json argument, as in the example below:

// safety license -r requirements.txt --output json

Another output option is --output bare which will print the unique set of licenses that were present in the packages that were analyzed, as in the example below:

// safety license -r requirements.txt --output bare

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