Safety Documentation

Safety is an End-to-End Python Supply Chain Security platform consisting of four products: Safety CLI Scanner, Safety DB, Safety Platform, and Safety Gateway.
Safety CLI 3 is a Python dependency vulnerability scanner designed to enhance software supply chain security and enable the secure use of Python packages, from development to deployment.‍
Safety CLI 3 can be deployed in minutes and provides clear, actionable recommendations, leveraging the industry's most comprehensive database of vulnerabilities and malicious packages for Python.

Existing Customers: Upgrade to Safety 3.0 Today

Safety 3.0 is now available, providing system-wide scanning, improved CLI Output, automatic application of fixes, new SBOM and JSON output formats, and more.
For details on upgrading from Safety CL 2.x to Safety CLI 3.x, refer to our migration guide.

Protect Your Systems Against Vulnerable and Malicious Packages

Safety monitors signals and changes in 590,000 Python dependencies so you don’t have to.
Comprehensive Python threat database that combines vulnerability severity, reachability, and exploitability.Virtual package repository that blocks malicious or vulnerable packages before they are installed.Vulnerability scanning of developer machines, CI/CD pipelines, and Production systems for dependencies with known vulnerabilities and malicious packages, with fix recommendations for vulnerabilities as they are detected.Threat analysis and management that combines data from development through to production systems to surface actionable security intelligence.


Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible: