Headless Authentication

Learn how to authenticate sessions on machines with no browser, by leveraging a second machine with a browser.

For users who wish to perform scans on machines with no browser, e.g. EC2 instances, it is possible to authenticate the scan session by leveraging another machine with a browser installed.

  1. Start by installing the latest version of Safety:

pip install safety==3.1.0
  1. When installed, start by authenticating the session using the new headless option.

safety auth login --headless
  1. You should see the following: “Running in headless mode. Please copy and open the following URL in a browser. Copy and paste this url into your browser.”

  • Copy and paste the URL from the Terminal into a browser on another machine that does have one.

  • Once authenticated on that browser a code will show on the success screen.

  • Click the JSON code on the screen. This will copy the code to the clipboard.

  • Paste that JSON code string into the original prompt in your Terminal.

  • The Safety session should now be authenticated on the machine without a browser installed.

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