JSON Output

Safety can generate JSON output, useful for parsing and analyzing the results of a scan. To do so, run the following command.

safety scan --output json

The JSON output is displayed in the terminal, as shown below. To save the JSON output to a file, use the following command, replacint test.json with your desired file name.

safety scan --output json >test.json

JSON structure

The resulting output is a JSON with the following sections:

meta contains meta information about the scan, such as timestamps, what was scanned, packages found and vulnerabilities found

scanned_packages is an array of packages (and versions) that were found during the scan

affected_packages is an array of packages that were found to have relevant vulnerabilities

vulnerabilities is an array of vulnerabilities that were found relating to the packages in the scan

ignored_vulnerabilities is an array of vulnerabilities that were found but were ignored via a command line argument or the safety policy file.

remediations an array of remediation (fix) recommendations for each package with relevant vulnerabilities.

announcements an array of announcements (messages) from the Safety team. These are not generally related to the packages of vulnerabilities found, but rather are more general announcements, such as announcing a new version of the Safety scanner.

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