Introduction to Safety CLI 3 Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning for Secure Python Development
Safety CLI is a Python dependency vulnerability scanner designed to enhance software supply chain security by detecting packages with known vulnerabilities and malicious packages in local development environments, CI/CD, and production systems.
Safety CLI can be deployed in minutes and provides clear, actionable recommendations for remediation of detected vulnerabilities.
Leveraging the industry's most comprehensive database of vulnerabilities and malicious packages, Safety CLI Scanner allows teams to detect vulnerabilities at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Key Features

  • Versatile, comprehensive dependency security scanning for Python packages.
  • Leverages Safety DB, the most comprehensive vulnerability data available for Python.
  • Clear output with detailed recommendations for vulnerability remediation.
  • Automatically updates requirements files to secure versions of dependencies where available, guided by your project's policy settings.
  • Scanning of individual requirements files and project directories or system-wide scans on developer machines, CI/CD pipelines, and Production systems to detect vulnerable or malicious dependencies.
  • JSON, SBOM, HTML and text output.
  • Easy integration with CI/CD pipelines, including GitHub Actions.
  • Enterprise Ready: Safety CLI can be deployed to large teams with complex project setups with ease, on-premise or as a SaaS product.
Safety CLI Scanner, Version 3.0.0
Integrating into your existing workflow is easy, and it is possible to scan the full software development lifecycle, from developer machines to CI/CD pipelines and Production systems.
Safety CLI is backed by our industry-leading vulnerability data and recommends fixes for vulnerabilities as they are detected.

Versatile, comprehensive dependency security scanning

‍Safety can be deployed in minutes, seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, and allows developers to make informed security-based decisions without disrupting productivity.
We transitioned from the free Snyk scanning to Safety because of the recommendation of one of our lead developers. And we have loved it.
Sean Howard - CEO, Flightpath

Supported Ecosystems

As of January 2024, Safety supports Python only. By the beginning of February, we will also support JavaScript, before expanding to cover Java, .NET, Go, and more in 2024. As with Python, our aim is to provide the most comprehensive coverage and supplying best-in-class vulnerability data and recommendations.